Magnet Mount Wireless Charger Troubleshooting Guide

There are many combinations of phones and phone cases which can lead to many variables that can potentially cause the mount to seem like it is not working properly out of the box after initial Installation.

Here you'll find useful information that answers the most common questions and issues customers have had during the installation so that you can be sure your Magnetic Mount Wireless Charger is working correctly.

My Phone Won't Stick To The Magnetic Mount Wireless Charger:

  • Have You Installed The Included 3M Adhesive Metal Rings?
    • No magnetic mount on the market will magnetically hold any phone strong enough on it's own. You need to install one of the included 3M metal adhesive rings so that your magnetic mount can strongly secure your phone well enough for driving around.
    • You can either stick the ring to the inside or outside of your phone case. If you don't use a phone case you can stick the ring to the back of your phone.  The package also comes with clear film that you can put on your phone first followed by the metal ring so you don't have to worry about the ring damaging or making a mark on your phone if you decide to remove it later.
    • Before Installing The 3M Metal Ring, plug in your mount to power and hold your naked phone ( without the case) on the mount and test to see which exact position seems to wirelessly charge hte phone to get a feel for where exactly your make and model phone's wireless charging area is.
    • After you've established the charging area, then placed the 3M metal ring in that same area on your phone or on the interior or exterior of your case so that when you hold your phone to the mount it will hold strong to the wireless charging area of your phone. 
    • Although it is not always necessary to actually stick the adhesive sticker of the 3M metal ring to the inside of your phone case, it is recommended! This is because the space between some phone cases and phones leave a large enough gap where the ring can slide around within the case so that it may not line up correctly when placing on the mount. Sticking it to your phone or interior of the case ensure's it's always in the right position to mount and charge easily time and time again
  • DO NOT USE metal plates you may have used in the past with other mounts as those will block the mount's ability to charge your phone wirelessly!
    • If it's easier, checkout this tutorial created by a customer:

    • My Phone Still Won't Stick To The Mount After Installing The Rings.
      • If you are using a very thick phone case like a standard Otterbox, it is advised that you use a case with a thickness of 5mm or less. Due to the weight of larger phones like the iPhone XS Max, 8 Plus, XR and Galaxy Note 9 we recommend either using a very thin phone case (no more than 3mm thick) or placing the 3M Metal ring directly on the phone to be used without a phone case.  
        • This is because you'll want the 3M metal ring to be as close to the magnetic mount as possible in order to securely hold your phone in place properly without any chance of falling off.
        • If you don't want to stick the ring directly to the back of your phone because you are worried it will leave a mark, don't worry. Included are 2 large circular clear film stickers which you can first place to the back of the phone and then stick the 3M metal ring on so it won't leave a mark and can be easily removed in the future if needed.

      Why Won't My Wireless Car Charger Stay Mounted?

      • You can install the mount to any air vent or use the included base (with 3M sticker on the bottom) to mount to any place on your dashboard or even any place at home if you choose.
        • If You decide to mount the charger into your airvent, make sure you open the clamp and push it ALL THE WAY IN as far as it can go so that the blade of the vent is touching flush with the clamp's wall. If you leave it loose and not pushed fully in, the weight of your phone when mounted can lead the entire unit to droop forwards and fall off.
        • If you decide to use the 3M adhesive on the bottom of the base to stick it on your dash, make sure you use the flattest part of your dash possible for the best results. We do not recommend setting it on the curved part of the dash. For example: The dash right above your steering wheel is normally very round and it will make it difficult for the flat base to stick to it thorough enough.
      • You can also see a video on that below: 

      My Magnet Mount Won't Charge:

      • What Are You Plugging The Mount's USB Cord Into?
        • Make sure the mount's USB cable is plugged into either an AC power adapter plugged into your car lighter outlet or a USB port of your car if you have one. 
      • Check The AC Adapter Charger or USB Outlet Your Mount Is Plugged Into.
        • If your phone is still not charging it is possible the the AC adapter you are using or the USB outlet built into your car is not providing enough power output. To test if that is the problem you'll want to try the following:
        • Test your mount in your home by plugging the USB cord into a standard USB charging block and plug into a wall outlet. If the mount's LED light turns blue and charges your phone, that means your current AC adapter is faulty. You can buy ours HERE if needed.
      • How Thick Is Your Phone Case?
            • If you are using a really thick phone case such as the Otter box or anything thicker than 5mm, it can prevent the back of your phone's surface from being close enough to the wireless charging pad to actually charge your phone.
            • If it doesn't seem to charge with your case on, try the following to see if the case is the problem. Take your phone out of the case and hold the back of your phone's center to the mount after you've confirmed the mount is powered on ( blue LED light indicates it's on) and if your phone starts to charge after 1 or 2 seconds, your case is too thick.
          • My Case Is 5mm Thick or Less.
            • Due to the weight of larger phones like the iPhone XS Max, 8 Plus, XR and Galaxy Note 9 we recommend either using a very thin phone case (no more than 3mm thick) or placing the 3M ring directly on the phone to be used without a phone case.
            • This is because you'll want the 3M metal ring to be as close to the magnetic mount as possible in order to securely hold your phone in place properly without any chance of falling off.
          • Is Your Phone Actually Qi-Wireless Charging Capable?
            • Please make sure you have a Qi-Wireless enabled phone which is required for wireless charging to work. You can view the chart below to make sure your phone model is on that list. 
            • If your phone is not on that list and your phone is not wirelessly charging, we can send you a link to a wireless charging receiver that you can purchase to make your phone capable of charging wirelessly.
          • My Phone Charging But Not Very Fast Like I expected.
            • Although this mount works with any AC power adapter, you need to use a Qualcomm 3.0 charging AC adapter if you want to take advantage of the mount's full quick charging capabilities. Using a Qualcomm 3.0 charger will allow the mount to charge your phone up to 2X faster than normal wired chargers.
            • If you don't a Qualcomm 3.0 AC power adapter, you can purchase one from us HERE.

            My Case Is Not Too Thick, My Phone Is Qi-enabled, I've Mounted The Charger and Installed The 3M Metal Ring But It Still Won't Charge!

            • Is Your Phone's Wireless Charging Area Actually Lined Up With the Circular Part Of The Charging Mount?
              • It is important to know that when all of the above have been excecuted, that you make sure you align your phone correctly to the mount. Make sure you have placed the back center of your phone ( where the actual charging area of your make and model is) to the mount so that the metal ring you've installed and the circular mount are lined up.  
              • If you did not test to see where your phone's wireless charging area is before installing the 3M Metal Adhesive Ring you need to follow that step first. Then place the ring to that exact charging area by sticking the ring to either the back of your phone or the inside of your phone case so that it's always correct.
              • If you are simply placing the ring in between the interior of your case and phone without sticking it to something, there may be a gap causing the ring to fall downwards which makes it impossible for the mount to grab and charge your phone on the correct charging area! 

            If you are still unable to get the mount to work after performing a full troubleshoot, simply call us or email us at and we'll respond within 24 hours with an email containing a link to easily print off a return label to send the product back for a full or partial refund depending on the circumstances.

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